short films



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Linda Carting, a piano teacher who is mourning the loss of her 6-year old daughter, struggles to finish a musical piece in her daughter's memory when she experiences another tragic event that renders her unable to hear musical notes.



Emma Terrell as Linda Carting
Lex Watson as David Carting
Isabel Dueñas as Emma Carting
Maissa Houri as Detective Gallant
Peter Chow as Dr. Tony Lim
Ceara Annett as Amanda
Jesse Morel as Kyle
Michael Houri as the Attacker


Christian Belanger
Jesse Morel

"Emma's Song" written by Jordan Rannells


TAPER (2017)


During a seemingly normal conversation, a barber and his client slowly realize the true, unsettling nature of their situation.

Written & Directed by Fabio Ricci
Story Concept by Carlo Palanza

Peter Chow as The Barber
Graham Moore as The Client
Charles Baker as Marcus Haglund

Director of Photography: 
Santiago Trugeda

Christian Belanger

Scored by Leigh Newton

Stay Abandoned (2017)

After meeting a mysterious man in the woods, Samantha Donnelly, a young working professional who becomes fed up with the mundane routine of every day life, decides to let go of what’s holding her back the only way she can - by destroying it. 


Written & Directed by Fabio Ricci

Emma Terrell as Samantha Donnelly
Peter Whittaker as Samantha's Dad
Michael David as Jamie
Kelly MacDonald Carlson as Samantha's Mom
Fabio Ricci as Adam

Shot by
Skyler Michaels
Santiago Trugeda
Jesse Clark
Dominic Llanos
Christian Belanger
Rahul Rallan

Cut by
Skyler Michaels & Santiago Trugeda


grasp (2016)


After waking up in a field with no recollection of how he made it there, a man struggles to face the reality of his life and must retrace his steps while learning the true meaning of acceptance and letting go.

Written & Directed by Fabio Ricci

Bart Rochon as Ben
Laura Hall as Amy
Fabio Ricci as Robbie

Director of Photography: Santiago Trugeda (vimeo.com/santiagotrugedafilms)
Scored & Edited by: Santiago Trugeda
Audio Engineers: Rahul Rallan, Jason Eduardo Mata