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I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Since I was a kid, I've loved to write short stories. My parents used to cut up little pieces of paper for me so that I could come home from school and put together whatever little stories I had roaming around in my head that day. From the adventures of Hank, a life-sized handkerchief who fought crime, to re-imaginings of my favourite horror films and childhood cartoons, I'd put pen to paper every day and flooded my bedroom with my very own comics. 

I still carry that storytelling passion with me today; the passion to create imaginative worlds that happen around ordinary (or extraordinary) people. Our world is strange. It's scary. It's dark, twisted, funny and beautiful. I try to capture that in my work, through short films, comics/graphic novels, short stories and even music and comedy. There's a piece of reality, be it beautiful or ugly, that rears its head in every thing I write or perform.

I studied Advertising for 3 years in college, and this is where I learned how to use my love of storytelling as a tool to connect with people. I honestly believe that no great story can be told unless it's about people; people we can identify and connect with, whether we like them or not.

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